Mono Theme Documentation

Quick Start Your Website with Mono Theme

1. Install WordPress

First, you must have a wordpress installed on you website. If you don't have a working wordpress installation already, then you should install it before using MONO Theme.

If you have wordpress already installed on your website, PLEASE check if it's running the latest version and upgrade it if its not up to date.

Most web hosting companies will provide you one click WordPress installation through web hosting control panels such as cPanel, Plesk or ... but if you want to install wordpress by yourself, you can follow this tutorial on WordPress Codex site or maybe doing some Google Search.

2. Install Theme

Please DO NOT directly upload the .zip file that you have downloaded from Themeforest, into your WordPress website as it contains some extra items (such as this documentation and ...) and it will cause your website to stop working. The main theme file, is a .zip file named "" which is included into the main downloaded file from Themeforest.

You can install your theme in two ways:

  1. Installing Via WordPress: First log in to wordpress admin area (/wp-admin) and then navigate to "Appearance" -> "Themes".
  2. Click on "Add New" tab then choose "Upload Theme" and upload your theme (.zip file which is in the downloaded package from themeforest) by clicking "Choose file" and finally click on "Install Now" button to install the theme.




Congratulations! Your website is now empowered with MONO!

We highly recommend you to install XML demo content which is included into your theme package. This will help you understand the theme functionalities better and have a good vision on the theme to create your own content more easily and even faster.

1. Install DEMO Content:

First use XML content into your downloaded theme package. Navigate to "Tools" -> "Import" and then choose "WordPress". You should install and activate the plugin if it's not installed yet. Then click on "Choose File", upload the XML content file and finally click on "Upload file and import". It might take a few moments to some minutes to complete the import process and after that, your website content should be similar to our demo website. (Just content not style. Continue reading this document to make your site look great!)
Please note that all of the images which are in the demo site, are not included into the package. You should use your own images or buy some good from royalty free sites such as photodune. We recommend to buy some good images for your website as this will have a very positive impact on your website look and fee

2. Apply Theme Options:

Once you have installed your theme, the default setting for theme options will be loaded by default into the database. But you should apply them once for the first time to make them apear on the frontend (Your Webstie). To do this, navigate to "Theme Options" and click on "Save Changes" button.

If you had followed this tutorial from start to this point, your home page should be almost ready right now. The next step is to create an eye catching slider for your home page.


Setup Revolution Slider, Contact 7 Form, Main Mega Menu, WooCommerce, Open Table Widget

MONO is packed with one of the best slider plugins on the net - Revolution. If you have installed MONO properly, Revolution Slider should be installed already.
You can easy set up the plugins :
  1. After active theme, click " Begin installing plugin ".
  2. Check all plugin in list.
  3. Choose Install & click Apply button. 
  4. Back list Plugin check & choose Active for all this plugin
  5. Final step click Apply Button .
  6. Enjoy ! :)
NOTE: If you want setup Demo Restaurant, you need install Plugin :





MONO is packed with powerful theme options admin panel. To customize your website with theme options, on the admin left menu, click on "Theme Options". In MONO theme options we've used some graphical elements and descriptions to make your works easier. So you can learn more about the options and posibilities by simply surfing in "Theme Options". 

Setting Content Width of Your Site

First of all, you have to make a set width value for your website. You still can choose to set it whatever you want for your site, but I recommend you to set my theme width to "1170"
  1. Go to Option from Live Composer
  2. Click on "General Options"
  3. Then fill in the "Max Width" with "1170"
  4. Finally, click Save Changes




MONO will load with default settings and it's own logo in the beginning. Of course you want to see your own logo on all pages instead of MONO logo. To do this, simply navigate to "Appearance" -> "Theme Options" to enter into MONO Option Panel area.
  • Goto "Logo & Favicon Settings" tab
  • Click on "Upload" button in the "Logo" section.
  • In the media uploader window, upload your logo
  • It's dimension should be about 155 x 40 pixels.
  • Please upload a transparent PNG file (Best type is a PNG 24 type).
  • In the upload manager, after uploading your file, choose "Full Size" in the "Size" section and click on "Use This Image".


Add Favorite Icon

Favorites Icon will be placed right beside your website URL in the browser address bar, browser history and bookmarks. You can create your favorites icon in some graphical applications or free websites such as http://www.faviconer.com or
Save settings and your favicon should be activated now.

To do this, simply navigate to "Pages -> Add New Page"

After installation you will see the following Mega Main Menu made to WordPress:

Or you can read document of Mega Main Menu here :

This theme is compatible with Live Composer Plugin . You can builder web layout very easy.

You can visit my chanel for tutorial using Module Live Composer Plugin :

This is link demo & tutorial for of Live Composer :

*Note: Please don't update LC Plugin. Because its include new module in theme. If you Update it, all Module Special of add-on for plugin is remove. Thanks !

MONO is an "Unlimited Sidebars" theme. It means that you can add as much custom sidebars as you like to your wordpress. let's add a few custom sidebars:

Sidebar Settings

To add / edit or remove custom sidebars, Find "Live Composer", by navigating to "Live Composer" and choose "Widgets Module" from menu. 

If you want to add a new sidebar, simply click on blue "Add New Sidebar" link. Then in the "Title" type desired sidebar title and click on "Save Changes". You've just created a new sidebar!

Setup Contact Form 7 Plugin 

This plugin is available in MONO package, or you can download new version at website :

  1. Upload the entire contact-form-7.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.

You will find 'Contact' menu in your WordPress admin panel.

Next step, you can configuration it with tutorial at here : or

We want to appreciate and thanks everyone who helped us to make this great theme for you. Specially:

Live Composer Page Builder
Awesome Icon Fonts 
Modernizr & Conditionizr
Google Map API v3 from Google.
Carousel - by Owlgraphic
jQuery Isotope -  by David DeSandro (Developer License)
Some images we used in our demo site from Dribbble, (Some bought from / Some downloaded as free image of the week / month)
Revolution Slider WP Plugin - (Extended License + Permission to include into our theme)
And also these great wordpress plugins: Contact Form 7, OpenTable 
We should note that we used Documenter - by to create this document for you.
*NOTE: The images in demo is not import in package theme download.